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~Store Walkthrough:The Body Shop Centaurus Mall Islamabad~

Hello Pretty Girls!
Hows the week been going so far!
Well I had a busy start.
Today I am presenting another Store Walkthrough Post ! Have you checked my recent one here!
Today I am taking you with me to The Body Shop Centaurus Mall Islamabad!Recently I had the chance to visit the outlet in detail for couple of hours.I ll reveal the purpose of my visit at the end of my post!
Lets see what caught my eye at the outlet!
TBS Centaurus Mall Islamabad

The Leona Lewis Collection went on display a day earlier!

Shimmery Palette
 Get a  fabulous flush of rosy colour
Blush or Bronze ?

What's your colour crush?
Excited about the new Leona Lewis Lip gloss collection? 
Which one are you going to put on today?

Roll ons


Born Lippy!
Fruit, flower or nut? Have you tried our new Eau de Toilette collection, with organic alcohol from Ecuador?

Hand Cleanse Gel

Body Scrubs & Body Lotions

Spa Wisdom Africa
Citrus Squeeze is a summer-time essential, a smooth, weightless, greaseless lotion with kiwi, apricot, orange and lemon fruit extracts, as well as shea butter and aloe-vera for a skin-pampering radiance boost.


Gifts & Colognes

Tea Tree & Vitamin C Collection
So girls how did you find it!
& now to reveal why I was there for such a long time
Yes you are right I was there for the Bloggers Make up Competition!
Stay Tuned for my make up look soon :)
The lovely helpful staff at TBS Centaurus Mall :)
I hope you had fun going through my post of the day :)
Comments & Questions are welcome.
Stay Happy Always

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