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eBay 24 pcs makeup brushes set Review!!

Hello beauties! Today I'm going to talk to you about my eBay 24 pcs makeup brushes set which I got a few months ago! Some of you have been asking me whether those brushes were of good quality or not, so now that I've used them long enough it's the time for me to tell you what I think!
ps:I have taken MANY photos for you to see them in detail, be prepared!

The brushes came like that..

Τhe biggest ones had plastic brush guards and all of them were wrapped in plastic.Although I've kept them I forgot to photograph the brushes with them. The brush roll smelled plastic/faux leather at first, but after one day or two the smell was gone.

Τhe not so useful ones. I never use them, not the exact ones, but such brushes in general.

Those are all the "big" brushes the set had. I didn't like much the first three, the bristles are a bit harsh, I would prefer them to be softer. Τhey are made of natural bristles (goat hair). Unfortunately they shed like crazy, I had to clean them many times with water and shampoo before they stopped shedding that much and they still shed a bit.
The next three are way better. I like the concealer/foundation brush, it's very soft and it doesn't shed at all, the fan brush is really soft as well but I just don't find it that useful, and the angled contour brush is very soft but I think it's more appropriate for applying blush or highlighter than contouring. It does shed a little but not as much as the first three.  The first two of them are made of synthetic bristles while the angled brush is made of natural bristles.

 Those are the only brushes that can be used for cream products such as concealer or cream eyeshadows. They are all made of synthetic bristles, they are very soft, deliver color nicely and don't shed at all. I like them very much.

Τhose can be used either for gel eyeliner or lipstick, I use them all for the first purpose.The two of them are made of natural bristles, the other three are made of synthetic bristles (two of them are exactly the same) I like them all very much!


Those are all the eyeshadow brushes. An angled one, one for blending and 5 for appyling the eyeshadow (2 of them are on the smaller side and 3 on the bigger side)


Τhose are the brushes for placing eyeshadow all over the lid, they are all soft , made of natural bristles,and don't shed and they're really nice. My favorite of them is the biggest one because it's big enough to blend all the eyeshadows I use.

Αnd those are the blending and angled brush, they are made of natural soft  bristle and do their job really nice. I love the blending brush very much.

And now I'm going to show you the ones I liked the most that get the most use.

+Nice and handy brushes roll
+Looking way more expensive than they really are
+Good construction
+Plenty of brushes, tons of uses
+Extremely cheap
+Most of them have really soft bristles
+Most of them do a really good job
-Some of them shed like crazy
-Most of the face brushes have a bit harsh bristles
-Not all of them are that good at picking color(most of them are though)
-Fake "Bobbi Brown" logo
What I think about them in general:
Overall I think it's a decent brush set compared to the ridiculous price tag which was 11 or 12 euros. I didn't like the bigger brushes much but most of them got tons of uses so it was worth the money.
What do you think? Have you tried those or any other brush set from eBay?
Let me know what you're thinking, kisses!

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