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Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Review

Rimmel Stay Matte is an oil-absorbing pressed powder that leaves you with a flawless, shine-free complexion. Helps to minimize the appearance of large pores. Dermatologically tested.

Rimmel stay matte powder  is one of the most raved about face powder in both YouTube and blogging community. So, naturally i went ahead and bought it for myself. The powder is extremely smooth and finely milled and feels very velvety when you touch it. I got this in 00 transparent. In the pan it looks like it has some color in it but on the face it goes on completely transparent.

I have normal to dry skin and where i live it gets freakishly hot and humid during summer time so i really need a good powder which can keep my foundation in place and prevent the shine from coming through, especially during the day time. I was really excited to try this product after hearing and reading so many nice things.
Its an okay product i wont say its a miss but i wont say its a hit either. First of all, you have to be really careful when applying this because it can look cakey and powdery if you apply too much of it and i absolutely HATE that cake face.
I want a powder that sets my foundation and gives my skin a natural and velvety kinda finish. When i apply this at first it mattifies my skin instantly but after about 3 hours i start getting a bit shiny which brings me to another issue i have with this and thats the packaging. It has a cheap plastic base with a cheap transparent lid which doesn't even close properly! so you can't even bring it with you in your bag as its gonna pop off anytime and your whole bag could be ruined.
So basically i don't thing this product is worth the hype. Even in the drugstore brands i think there are way more better options then this.

My rating for this product would be a 5/10.

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