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 I feel that Manicure Monday just isn't enough, especially as I have so many amazing nail polishes waiting to be swatched and blogged about. Everyone seems to be 'doing' nail art again and I have a few posts coming up with ideas and tools but today I will be talking about the new Revlon Nail Art Pens.
 There are 3 ranges; Neon, Moon Candy and Art Expressionist with either 6/7 polishes pairs in each range. The neon range all comes with a white base coat which goes under the colour to make the colour a opaque and very bight colour. The art expressionist range I still haven't tried, it comes with one wide, flat brush to add the base coat and a thinner brush which allows you to do more intricate work and patterns. The Moon Candy duos are made up of a darker colour and a glitter polish.
I had a play with one of the Neon duos in Hot Flash and came up with the design.
1) I started with two coats of the white which applied really well.
2) Mapped out a V shape on each nail and filled around it. (I done mine sitting on the sofa hand in midair so it isn't perfect)
3)After the orange coats was dry I added the different shapes to achieve a leopard print look using a nail art pen (black liquid liner works just as well) 
 I must admit this isn't the neatest job ever but it is really easy to do and I am pretty impressed by the quality of the polish particularly the white.
Have a look here for a similar design!

Also tried a Moon Candy Polish at the event which are also fab!

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