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Shopping Diaries: Linking Road

Finally went to the Mumbai’s Mecca of shopping. It was good. So I went again. And again.

fashion ringsI’m talking about Linking Road in Mumbai’s Bandra suburb—a place that gives you plenty of affordable options to stock up your wardrobe and stay stylish. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, artifacts—Linking Road has it all! Both branded stores and street-side shops are here to cater to all your needs. For now, I’m going to be talking about the street-side shops.
Linking Road Shopping
The range of shoes includes everything from daily-wear, casual ones to fancy pieces. The clothing range includes men’s and women’s tees, blouses, one piece dresses, salwar suits, lehengas, kurtas, gypsy skirts, denims. You can also find imported lingerie, belts, bags, accessories, imitation jewelry and imitation makeup including the very popular MAC ripoffs. The bright colors will catch your eye and the throwaway prices will only add to the appeal. 
Linking Road Shoes
Beware that the street stuff is mostly cheap: you will have to put through the low-quality make. The sewing will come undone, the buttons will fall out, the shoes will fall apart before you know—so if you are fine with fixing things as long as you’re getting a good deal, then good for you. Otherwise, you may not want to overindulge in Linking Road items. It should, however, be noted that much of the same stuff is sold in air-conditioned boutiques at 10 times the price.

Linking Road Jewelry
Substandard shoes and clothes apart, you will find all types of fashion jewelry you could possibly think of. Pendants, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings, studs, charms, Indian kundan jewelry and all sorts of knick-knacks! And they are not just eye candies! They are fashion magnets that will make you take some home!

Linking Road BeltsTips:

  • Bargain. Haggle. Bargain more. The stuff isn’t really overpriced, it’s the quotes that are insane. The thumb rule? Pay around half of the quoted price and no more.
  • Avoid overcrowded stalls. The vendor is unlikely to accept a low quote by you in front of so many other potential customers.
  • If you can, avoid shopping at weekends and evenings to avoid the crowd and discomfort.
Linking Road Clothes

So what did my haul consist of? It’s difficult to recollect. I’ve only been there 3 times and I will have to lay out all my purchase at one place to count every piece. Still, here is all that I can roughly collect from memory:
  • 5 tops at Rs. 150 each
  • 6 pairs of flats ranging from Rs. 120 to 200 (I was in dire need of some simple yet stylish flats in my wardrobe that is otherwise stuffed with heels)
  • Denim in pink, yellow, red and black at Rs. 500 each (It is incredibly soft and stretchable. I’m amazed at the fabric quality at this price…and for those who know better bargaining trickeries than me, you can surely get an even better price)
  • 2 Kurtas at Rs. 150 each
  • Shorts at Rs. 150
  • A handbag at Rs. 350
  • A silver skinny belt at Rs. 70
  • Angry Birds necklace at Rs.60; 2 earrings at Rs. 20 each; 4 fashion rings ranging from Rs.20 to 100
  • Some hair clips for Rs.20 each
  • A pair of tweezers…eh! And a makeup brush kit at Rs.100.
I will try and do a haul post on this in the future. Till then, all I can say is I have found Mumbai’s mix of Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar and will keep going back for more!  (It’s no replacement for the Great Sarojini Nagar though—I say Sarojini for clothes & shoes and Linking Road for jewelry & bags).

Sandals Linking Road Mumbai
(I got two of these cuties!)
Fashion Jewelry Shop

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